Lifestyle at The Police Apartments

A Multi-Faceted City

With a tight-knit neighborhood feel, Buffalo is shedding its rusty roots and experiencing a renaissance. Once a thriving city with an industrial past, Buffalo is in the midst of a modern-day transformation, energizing its city with a talented workforce, beautiful residential neighborhoods and a growing food, art and entertainment scene. Dubbed “The City of Light” due to its early implementation of electric power, Buffalo is famous for its urban planning and layout by Joseph Ellicott and its extensive park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The city reflects a culture created by an influx of immigrants international flair combined with Northeastern and Midwestern traditions, devotion to professional sports teams, a thriving music scene, a flourishing arts community and emerging medical and tech industries, in addition to so much more. Ideally located in Buffalo’s downtown, the Police Apartments are well positioned to take advantage of, benefit from and contribute to the city’s renaissance. So come be a part of it and get your apartment home today!